John Leslie Video – Missy Stone

Another John Leslie video is here, this time with Missy Stone. Our hot porn star was invited the other days to a themed party by some of her closest friends, so she just couldn’t say no to them but she never believed that she will end fucked in her asshole just like in bigwetasses video. She went shopping and after hours and hours of seachcing for the perfect costume, she finally got it. So after a few hours there she was, costumed as a gothic slut. She was all black, starting from her shoes to her gloves.

After she had a few glasses she noticed this hot guy checking her out. So she took advantage that her man was out of town and went to talk with him. After another two or three glasses her friends noticed that she was no where to find, but so was the guy she was talking with. So Missy continued the party at her place in her bedroom, completely naked and ready for some rough pounding. She took off most of her cloths keeping on only in her fishnet stocking and her black gloves. She bent over and got his monster hard cock stuffed in her juicy pussy stretching it to the limits. Check out the entire JohnLeslie gallery to she how this insane scene ended! Enjoy it!

John Leslie Video – Tanner Mayes

As promised we are back and this time we brought you a John Leslie video starring smoking hot Tanner Mayes. Don’t miss her getting fucked by her best friend’s husband just like Flower Tucci in big wet asses pics. But let me tell you the entire story. They both had to go to the same business trip so they shared the same ride. They always had their thing for each other but neved did anything because of his wife, that also is Tanner’s bestfriend, but this time was different.

As they arrived later then the rest they ended up sharing the same room for the night. After a hard day of you Tanner preapred herself a relaxing bath, but she forgot the take with her in the bathroom. So when she entered the room naked her friend’s husband was there watching tv. When he saw her, he didn’t think it twice and jumped right to business. He stuffed his hard cock in her filthy mouth and after it was all hard he started stuffing her eager holes one by one. So don’t miss out this hardcore JohnLeslie video and we will be back next week with more hardcore videos for you guys. Enjoy it! Bye bye


Cock Hungry Slut

John Leslie is here with another insane update and what’s better then a threesome scene to help you start the day? We brought you as usual a smoking hot teen that got hooked up with these two older guys with big cocks ready to stuff her pussy. They meet in a club and fooled her into going to their apartment. When she saw herself there she didn’t anything else to do then to submit to their every command.

So she got forced to suck their cocks and to swallow all the cum she gets. But that was only the beginning of it all and she got fucked by each of them senseless. After she finished sucking their fat cocks she got the monster tools stuffed in her tight holes, one by one. They started with her eager pussy and continued with her tight butthole stretching it to the limits. After they got bored they decided to share her so she ended up fucked with offering a sloppy blowjob. I’m telling you, you shouldn’t miss this hardcore scene and stay tuned for more John Leslie update. Enjoy it and see you next time! Bye bye


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John Leslie Porn – Kelly Divine

You all know Kelly Divine right? Well she here for you guys with a hot John Leslie porn scene. For those of you that don’t know Kelly let describe her for you in a few words. She is this smoking hot porn star with an amazing body, delicious curves, impressive knockers that just can’t pass a day without riding a cock or sucking one. So you are in for a treat with today’s hot update.

Check out our gal getting in this hardcore gallery. She thought that one cock wasn’t enough so she ended up with two monster black cocks. After sucking both of them, she got cum all over her hot body and that made her even hornier. So she stuffed one of the cocks in her juicy pussy and started riding it like crazy. Meanwhile the other black hunk got bored of waiting so he shoved his hard cock up her tight butthole, stretching it to the limits. So you don’t to miss this insane scene and check out our gal, Kelly Divine, to see what she did next and how it all ended! Hope you’ll enjoy it and we’ll be back next week with more updates and don’t forget to visit the digital playground website for similar videos featuring stunning models!


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John Leslie – Phoenix’s Fuck Scene

Another John Leslie porn scene is here for you. This time we have this smoking hot porn star, Phoenix, that’s here to brag with her cock sucking skills and show us what’s she’s like in the sack. As you already noticed she has an amazing body, hot curves, impressive knockers and an eager pussy waiting to get stuffed. So for this update she brought us one of the favorite scenes. She had some problems with her kitchen installation, so she called her handy man to take a look at fix it as soon as possible. But when she opened the door she had a quite pleasant surprise. Like the chicks from the dirtygardengirl blog, she adores getting her ass stretched by big tools, so let’s see what happened next!


She got her plumber’s hot son on the door step waiting to take a look at her kitchen problem. She was more than happy to invite him over and after he finished his work she invited him to stay for dinner. While they were eating Phoenix found out that he was single so this was just perfect for her. Phoenix just didn’t knew how to take him to her bedroom so she lied and told him that she had a pipe problem in her bathroom. After he check it out, he found her completely naked on the floor ready for a rough pounding and that’s what she received by the end of the evening. Enjoy it!

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John Leslie – Hardcore Threesome

John Leslie is back these two hot and horny teens, ready to show off their hidden skills. These hot babes just couldn’t wait toget fucked by one fo their newest friends. Both of the gals wanted him, so they thought to invite him over for a threesome. But they didn’t want to scare him away or to give him the bad impression. So they organized a party and made sure he was completely wasted when they talk to him.

Of course they managed to get him completely drunk and when they came to him in their tiny dresses he said yes as soon as he heard the invitation. So after everyone else went home, they made themselves comfortable and started undressing each other and kissing him. Then they both went to their knees and started taking turns on sucking him hard cock. After they got cum all over their bodies, they started taking turns on riding his cock. They just couldn’t wait to get their juicy pussies stuffed and stretched to the limits. So check out the entire gallery to see how this hot scene ends. And as promised we’ll be back next week with more JohnLeslie updates for you guys. Enjoy it and don’t forget to visit website if you are looking for similar videos and pictures!


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Madelyn Marie’s Rough Pounding

Madelyn Marie is back on John Leslie with another update for you guys. Although she looks smoking hot, she has some problems at school. College teachers are so much meaner that her high school ones. So she had to take some private classes with a teacher, to get higher grades in English. She had a friend that took some classes also she asked her to talk to her teacher.

Madelyn talked with her friend about her teacher but it never cross her mind to ask her about his looks. So the first time they’ve met she was more than pleased when she saw his hot body. Well if she puts something in her mind she usually gets it, that’s Madelyn. So it didn’t took her too long to get him in her bed. When she saw his cock she just couldn’t stay away from it, so she sucked it until she got all covered with nasty jizz. But that wasn’t enough so she spread her legs wide open and shoved it in her juicy pussy stretching it to the limits. So don’t miss out this hot JohnLeslie update and we’ll see you next time! If you liked this update maybe you wanna take a look at another hot pornstars fucking so check out daywithapornstar website. Enjoy!


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John Leslie Gallery – Jenny and Tommy

Another John Leslie gallery is here, this time with Jenny and Tommy. Jenna was in her first year of college trying to fit in the group like everyone else. So at one if their parties she started talking with this hot guy. Afterwards she found out that he was the captain of the football team and every gal wanted to get in his bed. So thought this might be the perfect opportunity to stand out of the crowd. Jenny continued their chat and after a while she suggested to go in a quieter place to continue their talk.


So they went upstairs to her room and Tommy, of course, didn’t miss the chance and started hitting on her. Jenny was happy that everyone would finally know her so she went thru and ended up fucking with him. After she sucked his tool and got covered with nasty jizz all over her pretty face, she then bent over and stuffed his fat cock in her eager pussy. But that wasn’t enough for little Jenny so she got it stuffed in her tight butthole as well. See you guys next time with more updates and until then enjoy this hardcore college fuck scene. For similar videos featuring hot celebrities check out website. Enjoy!

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Jenna and Tasha

Guess who’s back with another hot John Leslie gallery? Jenna and Tasha your favorite babes and with good reason, just look at them. Amazing body, delicious curves, impressive knockers and always ready for action. This time they wanted to give one of their friend’s a special present, because his birthday was coming. After they think it thru they finally got it, the perfect present. A perfect present for every straight man. Yes you’re right, we’re talking about a blowjob session with the two of them.

So they invited their friend over one morning and put their plan in action. They told him that they just couldn’t think at a better present than this one and that they are hoping he would enjoy it. So they took off their cloths and went on their knees and started pleasing his monster cock. They just couldn’t get enough of it and didn’t stop sucking it until they got cum all over their hot bodies, especially on their big tits. But that was only the beginning after all that sucking their got even hornier and ended up taking turns on riding his fat cock. Check out this hot JohnLeslie gallery and we’ll be back next week with more updates for you guys! Check out website and have fun watching similar videos and pictures featuring gorgeous babes.


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John Leslie – Sucking and Fucking

We are back as promised with another John Leslie update. Today you are in for a treat, with these three smoking hot babes fighting over for this guy’s attention. These three are room mates since they finished college and they’ve been thru all kind of situations until now. But nothing compares with what happened that night. You know how gals are, they love talking and sharing all their experiences. So the other night while that started taking they figured out that two of them were seeing the same guy.

They had to do something about, so what would be a better revenge that to sleep with his best friend. So that’s how they ended up in their place sucking and fucking all over the place just like in sweetsinner videos. They called the guy got him drunk and started taking turns on him. After the three of them sucked his hard cock, they started stuffing their eager pussies with it. But the other two chicks got bored so they brought an old friend to help them out. And before you know it they started fucking each other with this monster rubber cock, stretching their holes to the limits. So don’t miss out this hardcore gallery! Enjoy it!


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